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USA and Canada Garmin g2 HD and g2 HD Vision Marine BlueCharts

If you own a Garmin Chartplotter it has a SD card slot for adding Marine Chart maps known as BlueChart Maps. These Marine SD cards are just like the paper charts you would otherwise use to navigate on the waters but unlike paper maps, you will be able to scroll, pan and zoom in along your journey as well as view in both 2D overhead and 3D over-the-bow views.

Also available is g2 HD Vision BlueCharts. The difference is the g2 HD Vision maps have premium features which include high-resolution satellite imagery, above and below the waterline 3D perspectives and Auto-Guidance technology. You will also get overhead, aerial photos of ports, harbours, marinas and waterways and coastal roads (up to 5 miles inland) as well as points of interest.

USA and Canada Garmin g2 HD and g2 HD Vision Marine BlueChartsClick the map you require for your Garmin:

All maps are available in both g2 HD and g2 HD Vision unless stated otherwise below.

Small Sized BlueChart Maps

US400S - Walkers Cay-Exuma Sound
US401S - Bermuda

Regular Sized BlueChart Maps

EU058R - Greenland West
CA004R - Bay of Fundy
CA005R - Halifax-Cape Breton
CA006R - Prince Edward Island - Chaleur Bay
CA007R - Les Mechins-St. George's Bay
CA008R - Newfoundland West
CA012R - Lake of the Woods-Rainy Lake
CA013R - Labrador Coast
CA015R - Canada (g2 HD only)
CA018R - Inside-Outside Passage
CA019R - Hecate Strait
US001R - North Maine (g2 HD Vision only)
US002R - South Maine (g2 HD Vision only)
US003R - Cape Cod (g2 HD Vision only)
US004R - New York (g2 HD Vision only)
US007R - Norfolk-Charleston (g2 HD Vision only)
US008R - Charleston-Jacksonville (g2 HD Vision only)
US009R - Jacksonville-Key West (g2 HD Vision only)
US010R - Southeast Florida (g2 HD Vision only)
US011R - Southwest Florida (g2 HD Vision only)
US012R - Tampa-New Orleans (g2 HD Vision only)
US013R - Mobile-Lake Charles (g2 HD Vision only)
US014R - Morgan City-Brownsville (g2 HD Vision only)
US020R - St. Lawrence Seaway (g2 HD Vision only)
US021R - California-Mexico (g2 HD Vision only)
US024R - Wrangell-Dixon Entrance (g2 HD Vision only)
US025R - Anchorage-Juneau (g2 HD Vision only)
US026R - Wrangell-Juneau-Sitka (g2 HD Vision only)
US027R - Hawaiian and Mariana Islands
US029R - Southern Bahamas
US030R - Southeast Caribbean
US031R - Southwest Caribbean
US032R - Southern Gulf of Mexico (g2 HD Vision only)
US033R - Bristol Bay - Kotzebue Snd. (g2 HD Vision only)
US034R - Aleutian Islands (g2 HD Vision only)
US035R - North Slope Alaska (g2 HD Vision only)
US036R - Inland Rivers (g2 HD Vision only)
US037R - Vancouver - San Diego (g2 HD Vision only)
US038R - New York-Chesapeake (g2 HD Vision only)
US039R - US All & Canadian West Coast (g2 HD only)
US042R - Great Lakes (g2 HD only)
SA002R -
SA001R - South America East Coast
SA002R - South America West Coast
SA009R - Amazon River
SA400S - Rio de la Plata (g2 HD only)
SA500L - South America (g2 HD only)

Large Sized BlueChart Maps

CA501L - Puget South-Dixon Entrance (g2 HD Vision only)
US510L- St. John-Cape Cod (g2 HD Vision only)
US511L - Boston Norfolk (g2 HD Vision only)
US512L - Mid-Atlantic (g2 HD Vision only)
US513L - Jacksonville-Bahamas (g2 HD Vision only)
US515L - Brownsville-Key Largo (g2 HD Vision only)
US517L - Alaska South (g2 HD Vision only)

Not sure if you want to buy the Garmin g2 HD or the g2 HD Vision BlueCharts? g2 HD Vision BlueCharts offer more feature than standard g2 mapping so please be aware of this fact. Read more below or click here to read the full difference between both types of marine charts.

What does a g2 HD Vision BlueChart include superior to the standard g2 HD maps?

g2 HD Vision BlueCharts provide the following information which are not available with the standard g2 HD maps: High-resolution satellite imagery of harbours and ports and above and below the waterline 3D perspectives. You also get Auto-Guidance technology that will guide you along you journey on the water. Furthermore the g2 HD Vision BlueCharts provide overhead, aerial photos of ports, harbours, marinas and waterways and roads that are along the coast (up to 5 miles inland) as well as points of interest. Navigational landmarks and marine landscapes are avialable too and it features Fish Eye view which provides a 3D view below the waterline displaying depth and contours from bathymetric chart data. To read more click here.

Page last updated: 14th December 2016

BlueChart Deliveries

Garmin BlueChart orders are despatched at 3.00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We need to receive your BlueChart order on those days by 1.00pm. When possible we may despatch orders received after that time. No BlueChart orders are despatched after 3.00pm and no orders are despatched on Saturday or Sunday.

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