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Garmin BlueChart Questions and Answers

Looking to buy a Garmin BlueChart but have a question you'd like us to answer first of all? Ask it here and we'll provide an answer by email and may publish the question and answer below.

I have GPSMap 720s with G2 Vision Card for West of Scotland. I am selling my boat to someone from Southampton. Is there any way I can update to change chart coverage? If not, what functionality will be lost if I revert to the standard data that came with the device?

The only way to change chart coverage is to purchase a new chart.

The following features are available with g2 Vision charts:

‣Point-to-point Auto Guidance technology to suggest best passages
‣Tidal current flow overlay
‣Aerial photos of ports, marinas, bridges & navigational landmarks
‣Detailed coastal roads up to five miles inland (non-routable)
‣POIs such as restaurants, lodging, entertainment and more
‣Realistic "view from space" high-resolution satellite imagery
‣True 3D-view "MarinerEye 3-D" above-waterline imagery
‣FishEye 3-D view below-waterline imagery

Garmin BlueChart g2 versus BlueChart g2 HD read more.

I am considering a Garmin bluechart g2 vision HD card (UK) for my GPSMAP 8008 plotter, will it also function in my standby handheld which is a Garmin 78s?

We sell multiple Garmin BlueChart g2 vision HD SD/microSD cards with coverage of UK waters.

However, if you wanted all of the waters around the UK, the chart to buy would be Garmin BlueChart g2 Vision HD UK and Ireland microSD/SD card (pictured below).

BlueChart g2 Vision HD marine charts on SD/microSD card are compatible with multiple devices across the Garmin handheld and marine range including the GPSMAP 78s. However, they are better suited to Garmin chartplotters, as some of the features e.g. aerial photos and auto guidance are NOT compatible and will NOT display on the the handheld range including on the Garmin GPSMAP 78s.

I have a Garmin GPSMAP 551s and have recently purchased a BlueChart g2 HD. I was expecting it to offer quickdraw, and 1ft shaded depth lines, but I'm finding this isn't so. Can you tell me why? Is the chart faulty?

The features you specifically describe were never available for the GPSMAP 551s. To assist customers with older devices Garmin make the latest maps and charts backwards compatible with earlier devices - but data for features introduced for newer devices cannot be processed and displayed by legacy models. This applies to both automotive and marine products. Map data cannot upgrade the features of a particular device.

The latest BlueChart is fully compatible with the software in your GPSMAP 551s but you will only see the additional features if you have a newer model which has those features.

The chart is not faulty; it does offer your GPSMAP 551s new chart coverage within all of the original features and capability of your GPSMAP 551s.

I have a Garmin unit GPSmap 556 and I would like to know what bluecharts I can use in it? I am looking for charts of the east coast and Thames estuary

You have a choice between Garmin Bluechart g2 HD and g2 Vision HD. The latter g2 Vision HD while featuring the same Bluechart map data as the standard g2 HD charts, have the following premium features:

‣Garmin 3.0 Auto Guidance - Simply enter your boat's dimensions into your Garmin chartplotter and the software will automatically create a visual path for you to navigate.
‣Aerial photos of ports, marinas, bridges and navigational landmarks and realistic "view from space" high-resolution satellite imagery
‣3-D FishEye and 3-D MarinerEye view

Read more about the difference between g2 HD and g2 Vision HD charts here.

In terms of a chart to cover the east coast and Thames estuary, you should consider one of the following 3 chart options:


Garmin Thames Estuary Bluechart g2 HD (small chart)
Garmin Thames Estuary Bluechart g2 Vision HD (small chart)


Garmin South East England-Belux Inland Waters Bluechart g2 HD (regular chart)
Garmin South East England-Belux Inland Waters Bluechart g2 Vision HD (regular chart)


Garmin UK Ireland The Netherlands Bluechart g2 HD (large chart)
Garmin UK Ireland The Netherlands Bluechart g2 Vision HD (large chart)

Page last updated: 27th February 2017

BlueChart Deliveries

Garmin BlueChart orders are despatched at 3.00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We need to receive your BlueChart order on those days by 1.00pm. When possible we may despatch orders received after that time. No BlueChart orders are despatched after 3.00pm and no orders are despatched on Saturday or Sunday.

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